As a young woman, Alicia Bush knew she wanted to change the world. She was precocious, daring, and willing to try just about anything to make life better for those around her, but she wasn’t sure how.

As an adult, she saw everything she thought she needed go up in flames as she and her family watched their house burn to the ground. Despite her successful career and her hard-won goals, she realized in that moment that the things she thought she needed were not all that she wanted. Shortly after, she knew it was time to figure out what she was here for. 

Her prayers were heard, and she knew she had to start a non-profit organization that reached out to young women who had been victims of sex-trafficking – young girls who, despite their different life experiences, were just as eager to see the best in the world as Alicia was.

Alicia is the founder of the Treasured Vessels Foundation. For the first time, she tells her story to readers and gives them the steps that she followed to find her purpose and begin making the world a better place day by day and woman by woman. Her dream of changing the world has come true, and through her story, readers will be able to search inside of their own hearts, reach out to God, and find their own purpose. All they need is a little bit of tenacity.



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